Francesco Manu

Effective • Brave • Tireless
These are most likely the words that best describe me.


With the genuine inner belief of having founded a computer company called “Matek” (Manu Technology), I published my very first web project, programmed in a simple HTML, at the age of 8. I eventually ended up launching my first real entrepreneurial business when I was 19. Since then, I have been successfully leading various enterprises in different industries.


This initiative of mine already revealed itself a few years before. In fact, as a result of the excellent placing obtained in both Italian and international mathematics competitions, a professor at the University “La Sapienza” (to whom I am very grateful and who later became a friend) granted me the exceptional opportunity to attend his classes, allowing me to experience the academic world when I was only 16 years old. This contributed to increase my passion and desire to pursue this path. Before then, I must admit that until the age of 14, I was not too brilliant at school because of my dyslexia. Furthermore as an adult, I was diagnosed with the syndrome known as Asperger “Twice Exceptional” with an IQ of 142, which is a high-functioning autism. However, thanks to my skills and passion in the field of mathematics and economics, I am able to develop, implement and pursue my business model every day, in my own firm as well as for the companies to which I offer my service as an advisor.


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